cd dvd disc replication
artwork data

Please send your artwork data if possible by e-mail or on a cd-recordable. We can handle the follwing formats:

- Adobe PDF preferred
- Macromedia Freehand
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Quark XPress
- Corel Draw

You can also send a link for downloading the data from your server.

proofs and lithography

If maximum reliability to colour and shape is needed we recommend to create a digital proof. Our graphics department can organize printing the proof out of the final artwork data.

Nowadays lithographics are not longer common, so all the data will be transferred digitally to the printing devices. Nevertheless if you want to send lithographics, please contact us to clear this matter ahead of production.

supplements and special packaging products

Each record needs it package!

The varity of packaging products are so huge no one can mention every kind.

On our website you can find the specifications for standard supplements and packaging.

But nearly everything is possible. So please contact us if you have a certain idea or you need a special proposal.

We are connected to a number of printing plants where any kind of boxes, displays, labels and sleeves can be designed.

cd dvd disc replication
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